Terms & Privacy

General terms of use

The following General terms set the conditions for use of the services offered by The Singular Social Games, S.L., with Tax number B76137728 and registered offices at calle PINTOR, 8, 35219 Telde (Las Palmas), Spain.

These General terms of use do not exclude the possibility of some Services of The Singular Social Games S.L. being subject to its own particular conditions for use.

The installation and use of the Application Closemeet shall constitute the full acceptance of these terms by the User. "Application" is understood as the software provided by The Singular Social Games S.L., its regular updates and any other program or data created by the aforementioned company.

The objective of Closemeet is the use or contracting services to search affinities among users of the application.

Access and sign up for services

Anyone accessing Closemeet will become a User. Users must be of legal age and accept these terms of use.

Permitted and restricted uses

When downloading Closemeet, the user is given a personal license, limited and not exclusive to install and use the Application with non-commercial purposes in only one authorized cell phone.

It is strictly forbidden for the User to sublicense, rent, transfer or other distribution of the Application.

The length if the License will start when Closemeet is installed or used and will end under the following circumstances: the User uninstalls the Application or The Singular Social Games S.L. cancels this License.

The right to use this Application is limited to the previously authorized License; it is forbidden to copy, show, deactivate, distribute, run, publish, modify transfer or create works arising thereof. The Application or any component thereof shall not be used unless expressly authorized by The Singular Social Games S.L.

The User agrees to legally use Closemeet according to the applicable regulations, these General terms of use, as well as morality and good manners generally accepted and public orders.

Furthermore, User shall refrain from modifying or trying to access restricted resources of the Application, spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that could harm it.

The User will not be authorized to use or manipulate other users' data using different means or procedures than those provided to this end.

The Singular Social Games S.L. reserves the right to refuse at any time and without prior notice, the access of users that fail to fulfill these General terms of use.

PSome services may require one single combination of user name and password. Data inserted by the User must be precise, current and true at any time. The User shall be responsible to keep his/her password safe and accepts responsibility for any harms and prejudices that could arise from the misuse of his/her password as well as of its transfer, disclosure or loss.

To proceed with the unregistering from Closemeet, the User may send a request to support@singulargames.com


Personal data

The personal data supplied through this form will be added to two independent data files, of which are responsible and addressee The Singular Social Games S.L. and unidad editorial información deportiva s.l.u. (Unidad Editorial), respectively, the first is addressed in c/Lope de Vega 15, Telde (35214) and the second in Avenida de San Luis 25, Madrid (28033), and they will be used in order to manage your involvement as a user of the application named Closemeet, as log as for sending other information about products, events and services from Unidad Editorial and The Singular Social Games, companies of their groups or third parties in the sectors of communications, media, academic, health, pharmaceutical, sports, travels, automobile and motoring, music, audiovisuals, financials, hotel industry, technology products, telecommunication services and cosmetics.

We are allowed to establish contact through written media, e-mail, sms, or any other way of commercial communication, as long as you don't indicate the contrary in the commented addresses. The data will be treated confidentially according to the Ley Orgánica (Spanish Organic Law) 15/1999, of 13 September, of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), so that you are able to access, rectify or oppose to the treatment of your data through the aforementioned addresses or contacting LOPD@unidadeditorial.es for Unidad Editorial, or info@singulargames.com for The Singular Social Games S.L., attaching in any case a copy of your personal identification.

Help us keep your data updated addressing any change that may happen in them.

The person in charge of the database will use the aforementioned information to meet the Application Services requirements, as well as to fulfill the obligations as specified in Closemeet. Also, this person will use those data to meet the applicable law, the EU regulations, and to exercise its rights before the courts.

AThe User expressly permits The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial to manage the User's personal data and add them to automated database. The registered User will be sole responsible for the veracity and rightness of the data provided.

The User allows The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial to use his/her intellectual property rights associated to the contents provided by the User within the context of Closemeet Services. The aforementioned license comprises the right of The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate or transfer the contents related to the User (information, pictures, description, searching criteria, etc.) to be used in websites, in email campaigns conducted by The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial and in all electronic communication devices used within the provision of Services.

The User expressly authorizes The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial to modify the aforementioned contents in order to respect the graphic identity of the Services or the rest of communication format aforementioned or to make them compatible with the technical features or formats. Those rights are globally conferred and while the General terms of use agreed between the User and The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial are in force.

The User is not allowed to copy, reproduce or use other User's contents differently from the needs of the use of Services.

According to the Protection of Personal Data, the collected personal data will be notified to third parties if a legal regulation so determines.

The User gives his/her consent to being informed by any means, including email, of The Singular Social Games S.L., Unidad Editorial or third parties’ products and services.

The collected data owners will be able to exercise the rights of access, modification, opposition and cancellation by submitting an application to support@singulargames.com including the following data: name, surname, address, photocopy of the ID card or passport and the petition.

Minors or people who do not fulfill these general conditions of use are advised that they will be sole responsible for this violation, as well as for the false evidence of the provided data. The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial reserves the right to take appropriate action for such events.

The Singular Social Games S.L. and Unidad Editorial will modify the policy of processing and safety of personal data in the terms permitted by the regulations in force if circumstances so require.

Localization data

The Singular Social Games S.L. can provide certain services based in geographic localization through the Application. With the purpose of offering and improving, when available, the aforementioned services we might transmit, collect, keep, process and use your localization data, included the real-time geographic location of the device the Application is installed on. Therefore you accept and permit the collection, transmission, storage, processing and use of the aforementioned localization data.

Besides, by installing the Application you accept and permit the collection, transmission, storage and processing of information related to your account and with any device registered here with the purpose of providing you with the aforementioned services or functions. This information may include the ID, account name and the real-time geographical localization of your device when the registered user of the Application so requests. If you reject to give your consent to the collection, transmission, storage, processing and use of your localization data, do not download or use this Application.

Diagnosis and use data

The User gives consent to The Singular Social Games S.L. to collect, store, process and use diagnosis, technical and use information as well as any other related information, which includes information about the user's device that is regularly collected as a part of the software update services, technical support of the product and other services provided in connection with the Application or with the purpose of checking the fulfillment of the terms of this License. The Singular Social Games S.L. agrees to use this information only to provide products and services of Singular Social Games and improve the existing ones, provided that you are not personally identified in that information.


The Singular Social Games S.L. is not legally forced to check the Users' identities when they connect to the Sites or to control the contents, information or statements made by them. The Singular Social Games S.L. cannot guarantee the aforementioned services from the technical point of view, so the company does not take on the commitment to check the identity of the Users or the veracity of the contents provided under their sole responsibility or to moderate those contents. If the User had reason to believe that someone else is using his/her identification data or account, the user shall immediately inform The Singular Social Games S.L.

Users must take precautions when finding another user. The Singular Social Games S.L. do not take responsibility for what may happen between Service Users. In this regard, The Singular Social Games S.L. recommend this Service Users to avoid exchanging personal or financial information such as full name, surname, physical or electronic address, phone number...


The User undertakes to fulfill the regulations in force and to respect the third parties rights as well as these Conditions of use, within the Services framework.

The User will not be allowed to spread contents that violate third parties rights or that are defamatory, offensive, obscene, racist or xenophobic, or contents with a different purpose to the Services, law and regulations in force, to individual rights or good practice.

The User ensures that he/she has the property on the contents uploaded by him/her. Pictures shall not be uploaded if the User is not its proprietor or has no permission.

Pictures or any other information, data or files must belong to the User and refer to him/her exclusively or, if they refer to a third party, the User must have a written permission from that person. The User transferring the data or files will be the sole responsible. Closemeet is a social network, the User recognizes that his/her profile picture is public and will be accessible and publicly visible through Closemeet applications and anyone who accesses the address where it is hosted.


This Application provides access to The Singular Social Games S.L. services, whose use requires Internet connection, creating a user account through the Sign-up Form and it can sometimes require the acceptance of some additional services conditions. These services might be subject to the payment of certain rates.

The User will pay for his/her own device, the Internet connection, the mobile devices and the service plans to access the Application and make use of it. The Singular Social Games S.L. does not guarantee the access to this Application from any device or wireless service plan nor can they guarantee the good performance under any circumstance as it will depend on the environment surrounding the User. Besides, The Singular Social Games S.L. cannot guarantee that this Application will be available in all geographic areas.

The User accepts that the Mobile Network Operator may charge him/her the stipulated rate for data, messages and other wireless access when using the Application. The User shall, thereof, ask his/her operator for the applicable charges. The User will be sole responsible for any expense that may arise from the access to the Application from a mobile device.

The User may find contents that he/he might consider offensive, immoral or bad language when accessing any of these Services. Since The Singular Social Games S.L. cannot control these issues, the User accepts to use the Services at his/her sole risks.

The Singular Social Games S.L. and their licensor reserve the right to modify, suspend, delete, limit or deactivate the access or the use to the Services without prior notice, at any time and declining any responsibility.

The User recognizes that a misuse of the application by him/her may result in the cancellation of his/her account. The Singular Social Games S.L. reserves the right to limit or even cancel the account of a user that misuses the application at any time without prior notice, without any compensation or payment.

The User recognizes and accepts that neither The Singular Social Games S.L. nor their licensor have the explicit or implicit obligation of offering him/her these Services now or in the future.


Certain Services of Closemeet are not free. The price will be set for each Service specifically. That price could be modified at any time without prior notice.


In order to use the Application, the User will need a cell phone or a compatible mobile device, with Internet connection and with the following software: IOS or Android.

The application version may be updated periodically to add compatibility with new functions and services.


The Singular Social Games S.L. shall not be held responsible for any (direct or indirect) losses or damages arising from the use or access of the Application, including loss of benefits and others.

Besides, The Singular Social Games S.L. shall not be held responsible for any damage or modification of the User's devices as a result of the installation or use of the Application, including, but not limited to, computers, mobile devices or cell phones.


The Singular Social Games S.L. shall not be held responsible for any implicit warranty deriving from the Application.

Closemeet and the software are supplied "just like that" and "just like they are available" without any warranty.


These Terms of use will be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. Any dispute that may arise shall be brought before the Spanish court; both parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction and will be subject to the Courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.